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Policy Positions

Cache Valley needs a principled Republican who will vote according to the US Constitution and the GOP Party Platform of limited Government, reduced and simplified taxes, and vigorous preservation of property rights. I will vote to reduce tax rates. I will vote to reduce the size of government. I will vote to protect your property rights. I commit to listen, and to represent your values in the Utah State Legislature.

COVID-19 Pandemic

We have three branches of government. Each has a role that the other cannot assume. The legislative branch is responsible for creating laws, the executive to execute the laws and the judiciary to interpret the laws. Executives who create mandates circumvent and even undermine the constitution. In this day of technology, the legislative branch can certainly create laws they deem necessary. Short of new legislation, leaders should teach correct principles and let citizens govern themselves.

The key to economic recovery is removing impediments to business. The past months have taught us who is at risk for acquiring and dying from COVID-19. The people of Cache Valley and the state will take whatever actions are necessary to help the high risk population avoid the virus while allowing the remaining population to live life and grow the economy.

While we wait to see how state finances fare during the COVID-19 pandemic, the state should do the following: 1) freeze taxes and budgets for the next 12 months and 2) implement zero-based budgeting so that each department is held to account for their upcoming budgets. I would like to see the state leave income taxes with public education.

Let's safeguard our liberties and help those who need protection.

The Family is the Fundamental Unit of Society

I am in complete agreement with the text found in our GOP Party Platform:  

"The family is the fundamental institution and strength of our society. We support legislation which recognizes the rights and the responsibilities of parents for their minor children. We believe in the right to life for both the born and unborn, and we strongly oppose legalizing abortion except to preserve the life or health of the mother or in cases of rape or incest. We believe that men and women should be responsible in their sexual relationships and that parents should teach that responsibility to their children. We urge the strengthening and enforcement of laws protecting against pornography, prostitution, abuse within families, and the abdication of parental responsibility."

Let's make sure families are strengthened.

Public Education

We need to reduce federal and state mandates, increase teacher training and pay, and implement more efficient and effective ways to teach children and prepare them for careers, family, and life. We have the brightest students and the most hardworking, dedicated teachers in the country. 

I learned first hand as a school counselor nearly 25 years ago that educators aren’t paid enough. I’m married to a speech pathologist who works for the Cache County School District and I know that educator’s salaries aren’t commensurate with the demands placed upon them. I agree with our party platform which says, “We encourage systematic changes in the funding and administration of education in Utah as necessary to further promote excellence, parental involvement, more choices and competition, and better opportunities for our best teachers and administrators.”

Let's restore control to our local school boards.

Taxes and Reform

Here's Why You Owe the IRS So Much in Taxes This Year | The Fiscal ...I spent nearly 30 hours collecting signatures in support of the Tax Referendum for many reasons.

  1. The tax reform bill that our legislators and governor put into law is anything but simple.
  2. In 2018 Utah voters rejected a non binding opinion question that asked whether the Utah Legislature should raise the gasoline tax by 10 cents a gallon. Despite our voice against a tax increase they included a gasoline tax increase in this bill.
  3. The tax bill included taxes on many, but not all services.The government should not be in the business of deciding winners and losers.
  4. Utahns do not want a food tax. We do not want to tax people on this most essential daily need. 

Supporters of the bill told us that tax revenues have declined. The actual problem is that the bureaucracy has grown $7 billion dollars (30%) over the past 5 years. Sales tax has actually increased over 7% year over year for the past 3 years in part because the state taxes Internet sales. 

The Cache County GOP Platform includes the following: "The combined burden and complexity of Federal, state, and local taxes are too severe. Republicans support tax reforms at each level, including reducing tax rates, simplifying tax rules and reports, shifting taxing authority from the Federal to state and local governments, fully disclosing all taxes imposed indirectly through businesses, and limiting taxes by popular vote and constitutional law."

Not only do we need to start completely over on a tax reform, we also need new representation that will listen to the voice of the people and follow our values for a simplified government that learns to do more with less. 

Let's pass legislation that requires a 2/3 majority vote for all tax increases.

Second Amendment Rights

Second Amendment Protects Individual Right to Keep & Bear Arms ...

The second amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to protect us from an overreaching government. It was not intended to ensure our ability to hunt for food. Laws that limit our ability to protect our homes, our families and our communities have no place in Utah. We need to be extremely wary of red flag laws.

I've had a Concealed Firearm Permit for many years. I have been endorsed by the NRA. NRA Endorsed

Let's fight any legislation that reduces our second amendment rights. 


Caucus vs Signatures

REALTOR(R) Ballot Initiative Signature Gathering Effort Under WayDelegates are tasked with researching candidates to determine who will represent them best and should appear on the primary election ballot.

I believe the caucus system is the best way for Utah citizens to select which candidates should appear on the ballot. County Convention Delegates, each of whom is selected by the citizens in their precinct, Senate Bill 54 made it possible for a candidate to be placed on the ballot by simply gaining signatures. This path strengthens the incumbent's ability to win the nomination by simply paying people to gather signatures from people who may or may not have researched the candidates. Candidates who gather signatures bypass the research and representation elements of the caucus system and our republic. I believe candidates who gather signatures lack faith in the delegates and our representative form of government.

I will always support the caucus system.

Government Overreach

I believe lawmakers should evaluate each bill that crosses their desk by looking through two lenses. The first lens is the U.S. Constitution and the second is the GOP Party Platform. These documents are filled with truths that when understood and followed help lawmakers clearly see which bills are necessary and useful to the people and which are not.

Let's ensure that laws always align with fundamental beliefs found in the Constitution and the Party Platform.

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