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I have endorsed Dr. Mike Petersen not just because he is sincere and authentic, but also politically experienced enough to get things done without behaving as though he is detached from the people. He is a real conservative, and thoughtfully measures every issue by how it affects our freedom. I am very confident Mike Petersen is the best option to represent our values and our Cache Valley voice to the state.

— Jonathan Johnson

Mike shares the same love as I do for our Party Platform. We both believe that government should serve and represent the people and not overrule and burden the people. Right now, our state Governor and many legislators including Representative Potter want to expand government programs and taxes to fund the growth, all while giving huge tax breaks to select businesses. Families are barely making it on two incomes because of stagnant paychecks that are not keeping up with cost of living increases, education costs, housing costs and taxes. Sadly Representative Potter believes that Government instead of the private sector should solve the low income housing shortage. Funding is not the problem but zoning regulations by government are preventing development of such units. I’m excited to inform you that Mike is anchored in the principal of limited government and more concerned in helping families and small businesses thrive then in enabling government intrusion into the lives and pockets of its citizens. I have found Mike Peterson to be the true conservative we can rely on to give us back our voice in the state legislature. A representative that promises to align his decisions to the platform is refreshing and what we should expect, why else be a Republican? — Michele Alder

Mike Petersen is a gifted person. He loves what is right and he consumes truth, and then holds to them in a most passionate manner. It is the kind of passion that you want to support, knowing that he is looking out for your good. I support him in this bid for a Legislative position in Utah, and trust he will work for us, knowing what is needed, and then finding ways to accomplish the task. He is very capable of accomplishing a betterment for all of us here in Cache Valley. — Jerry Wilson

We have been neighbors to Mike and his family for 20 years. We have known Mike to be a dedicated husband, father, leader and member of our community. Mike is approachable, conservative, and passionate (almost driven), to serving the people of Utah. He is well informed with the issues we face, has done his homework and is equipped with solutions and follow-through. We strongly endorse Mike Petersen with our votes to the Utah State Legislature-House District 3. — Brent & Vicky Yeates

In case any of you were wondering (and I know you were) I am supporting Mike Petersen for Utah State Legislature. After a long conversation with him I believe he is a staunch supporter of the Republican values I support, limited government, educational freedom, protections for the unborn, and he is a business owner with real world experience in dealing with government red tape. 
Good luck to you Mike!
— Sharidean Flint

Phil LymanMy wife, Jody, and I first met Mike and Sallie Petersen when we were young married college students. I learned, on one of our first fishing outings, that Mike was a person of immense integrity and capacity. As he started his career in Logan, and then started his company, Letter Press Software, and then Letter Press Consulting, it was not surprising to see his company thrive and for Mike to remain constant to commitment to his family and his faith. Nor was it surprising that he started a company that has had a huge positive impact on the lives of many. I will just note that Sallie, a speech therapist, and Jody, a Registered Nurse, were supporting Mike and I respectively in our classes at BYU. 

Utah is at a crossroads! This nation is at a crossroads! If we value our republic, we had better start electing people who understand what it means to have a republican form of government, who know from what source just governments derive their powers, and who are equipped to swim against the currents of political pressure to preserve our freedoms. Mike is that person! 

Our rights are not a gift from government. State legislatures, to quote Alexander Hamilton, must “always be not only vigilant but suspicious and jealous guardians of the rights of the citizens against encroachments from the federal government.” And I would add, encroachments from the State government. We live in interesting times when government is looking for every opportunity to expand their control of our lives. Most citizens would prefer that our elected representative fight to preserve our rights not bargain them away. Mike understands that elected office is a service and a duty. 

This is important! Please support Mike for House District 3 in the Utah House of Representatives. I enthusiastically give Mike my full endorsement. Please take the time to find out what he stands for and you will likely agree, we need Representatives like Mike Petersen! 

Very Sincerely, 

— Phil Lyman, Utah State House of Representatives

I've worked with Mike in business and found him to be honest, intelligent and a nice guy! I'm sure he will do a great job in this position! — Mark Alexander

Having been one of the organizers of the statewide tax referendum and listening to hundreds of people who understood exactly what the tax reform bill that further limited their disposable income, I'm confident the Republican voters of Utah would prefer a representative who listened to his constituents first and foremost. Mike will be that type of legislator. We need Mike in the Utah legislature. It's time to return the voice to the people not the legislature's leadership team. I encourage you to vote for Mike Petersen, the people's person. — Lisa Shepherd

I have known Mike Petersen and his family for many years. He is exactly what we need in our state Legislature. He will represent us and speak for us the people. After meeting with him and discussing some of the issues we face, he has a real solution for each of them. Please join me in voting for Mike Petersen. — Mike Eby

Mike is as honest, good hearted, spiritual and as hard a working man as I know. I would trust Mike with anything I cherish, and I cherish Utah and America. He will, without a doubt, say what he thinks clearly and without political shuck and jive. He will work as hard as humanly possible to fulfill his promises. I know that his values and ideals are those that this state and country need right now. I cannot recommend Mike Petersen more highly. A vote for Mike is a vote pointing in the right direction. — David Hoffmann

I fully endorse Mike Petersen to represent the people of Cache Valley in the Utah House of Representatives. I have only known Mike for a few months. I saw his commitment to the people during the Successful Tax Referendum that resulted in the legislature repealing the tax law passed in special session in December of 2019. The current rep voted for the complicated tax reform bill and has stated since the people did not understand the nature of the bill. Mike will represent you and not special interests. Please join me in supporting Mike Petersen for Utah House of Representatives District 3. — Layne Beck

I have worked with Mike nearly every day for the past 23 years, and I know that he is hard-working, sincere, and honest. He's not running for office to make a career, but to make a difference. He lives by his principles and will vote the issues on the foundational principles of freedom and liberty. If you believe in these same principles, you will find no better representative than Mike. — Leston Drake

I have known Mike for 3 years now. He is a good man, a hard working and honest man. I have listened to his point of view on the issues facing Utah. I agree with him. I especially support his desires to shift taxes from federal level to the state level and to reduce taxes on services. Go Mike ! — Jerry Serr

Mike is devoid of divisive ego and totally committed to serving the highest conservative interests of his friends and neighbors. He's Real. He is a local small business owner, a great father and husband, a religious servant, and great Republican who is committed to the Constitution. He exemplifies the highest standards of morality and character and is a very hard worker. I would be proud to call him my Representative! Keith Tintle — Keith Tintle

I would like to endorse Mike Petersen for the House of Representatives. I believe that he will vote as a conservative, will listen to the people he represents and not to the powerful people of the party or the state. I was totally against the tax bill that was passed this past December 2019. I know that Mike will do his best to use the tax payer money for the needs of the state and "look out" for all people. I believe that he will make a difference and strive to be a leader for the people and not a follower. — Kimber Hall

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